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we ♥ it

Visual bookmark for everyone

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Is weheartit.com your addiction?

Is it impossible to stop clicking that I ♥ it button every time you see something new to add to your heart?

Do you want to share the things you've found?

Then this is the community for you! Come join, post your finds, show off your collection, find new contacts, and revel in the joy that is we ♥ it.


1. Please remember that while we want to see what you've found, if it would be marked as unsafe, please put it behind a cut tag if you post the image here. There are folks under 18 who use the site, and there are folks who'd get in trouble at work for such things.

2. Use the same rule if you're posting more than one image of any kind. I hate my friends page going all weird or being overly long, and most other folks do, too. Be courteous.

3. No snarky comments about someone's finds. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, ya know.

Above and beyond that, feel free to ask alabasteralibi any other questions you may have. And, above all, enjoy!